Passion plus Passive: February and March

First things first. This is embarrassingly late! Better late than never? Well, that’s what I’ll go with! Februrary and March were great months. Winter in Montana this year felt long and cold. The upside of that is I happily plucked away at my computer and dived into some fun projects. One of the things I […]

early retirement budget with big family

Budget Friendly Meals Under $1

Food is often the largest flexible expense you probably have, especially if you have kids at home. I struggled for years to keep our food bill down. I searched the weekly sales. I tried to find great deals and checked all the in-store coupons. (I tried and epically failed at clipping coupons…a few times!) Now […]

Passion Plus Passive Income

Want to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure to Flexbile Fire? Well today is your lucky day! That’s exactly the game we are playing! Sign up below and I’ll email you your own printer friendly game board right now! Did you get it? Ok, I’ll wait. There are 6 Steps to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure to Flexible Fire. If you want to play […]

Trouble with the 4% Rule

Over the last two years, I’ve been in the unique position to talk with and consult dozens of people who are considering retiring early or are 1-2 years into their early retirement. Not glossy media coverage of how awesome early retirement is, but in-depth and private conversations.  I love that people are seeking Financial Independence! […]

Become Your Best Boss Ever

When we jumped into this latest mini-retirement, I bought myself a new mug. Partly because I’m obsessed with mugs. But I also knew I would need a reminder. Something to keep me on track and focused. My goal was simple: Become my own Best Boss Ever. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked at lot […]