How Cash Back is Changing the Way I Shop

and the internet needs more cute dog pictures

One year at Christmas,  we cashed in a whopping $700 in rewards, and it has changed the way I shop ever since. You see, every year for Christmas, we use all the cash back rewards we have earned that year. It supplies almost all of our holiday shopping budget. I love feeling like Christmas is […]


September Expenses

“Wait! What? No, that isn’t possible! $1120 for food this month! Surely we accidentally triple entered a Costco receipt!” I would love to say I was cool like a cucumber, but I wasn’t. I could feel my chest tighten. My breathing started to get shallow. “What happened?!” I looked at Mr. Mt with slight panic […]


The Giving Fund

My best friend had moved an ocean away, when her husband died in the line of duty. There wasn’t anything practical I could do to help being a whole continent away. So I went out and spent $300 on new shoes for her. Cute shoes. Snazzy boots. I didn’t have $300 to spend in that […]


Their Up is My Down

finding your new tribe

Blogging is going to make me rich. Most of my life, I felt like we were swimming against the tide of consumerism. But now, the currents have changed. I have found my tribe. And I think that will make all the difference. I’ve been spending money, real money, for about 20 years. I found a […]


August Expenses

August’s expenses could have been the lowest yet, but every month brings some unique expenses. That is just the way life works. One-time expenses happen almost every month. Especially if you own a home, drive cars, have a yard, are married, have kids, or pets. This month would have dropped below $2,000 but we bought […]

Create your own user feedback survey

I hope you feel like you have gotten to know me a bit. Now I want to know you a little better!  If you could take this super easy 8 question survey, I am hoping to focus in on writing the content you all find most helpful! By taking 3 minutes, you can help shape our up coming posts. Thanks so much!

Protecting Loved Ones from Financial Fraud

If you are in the habit of reading personal finance blogs, you might feel you could never fall victim to fraud. As I sat in the audience of a recent conference, I thought about my little sister, my parents, grandparents and late great grandparents. Whenever folks are desperate, they are more easily victimized. So I wanted […]

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