Easy Budget

You are saving, investing, and out of debt now. You don’t really want to track every dollar. But you don’t want things to go sideways either, while you aren’t paying attention. Enter Easy Budget. Here is how it works. (Graph from my very first personal finance presentation in 2009!) Divide your spending into three categories. […]

February Expenses

We vowed not to buy any food this month. But ended up spending $283 for food- basically a spending freeze for a family of 7. Our cupboards, pantry and freezers were overflowing from stocking up in preparation for 5’s arrival. Then our amazing community flooded us with hot tasty meals! End result: we had way […]

We can’t afford any more diapers

It’s a lie of course. But I am desperate. I’m not above lying to a 3 year old. If you have potty trained a child who just doesn’t care, you will understand. This girl knew how to use the potty a YEAR ago, and now prefers to just pee while she plays. I’m developing a nervous twitch. I will say almost anything at this point…here is where I came up with this lie.

Frugal Respects Frugal

Work towards big goals and the world conspires to help you. I really believe that. Especially in your desire to get out of debt, build up an emergency fund, or build wealth. When you are working your ass off toward these goals, other Frugalers will respect your Frugaling. (Yes, it’s a verb, noun, adjective, and […]