Easy Budget

You are saving, investing, and out of debt now. You don’t really want to track every dollar. But you don’t want things to go sideways either, while you aren’t paying attention. Enter Easy Budget. Here is how it works. (Graph from my very first personal finance presentation in 2009!) Divide your spending into three categories. […]

February Expenses

We vowed not to buy any food this month. But ended up spending $283 for food- basically a spending freeze for a family of 7. Our cupboards, pantry and freezers were overflowing from stocking up in preparation for 5’s arrival. Then our amazing community flooded us with hot tasty meals! End result: we had way […]

Frugal Respects Frugal

Work towards big goals and the world conspires to help you. I really believe that. Especially in your desire to get out of debt, build up an emergency fund, or build wealth. When you are working your ass off toward these goals, other Frugalers will respect your Frugaling. (Yes, it’s a verb, noun, adjective, and […]

The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches: A Practical (and Fun) Guide to Enjoying Life More by Spending Less

This is the book I come back to time after time to be entertained and inspired in my frugal ways. Despite never being high earners they have carved out some fun and freedom with their frugal habits and attitudes. When ever I feel discouraged by my counter cultural habits, at least I can say, “I’m still not as weird as Jeff Yeager!” He might be a long lost great uncle of mine.

One of the best books on frugality for those who aren’t numbers nerds. Actually I love all his books! But this is a great place to start.



“I’m finally willing to admit something about my life, and it’s this: I should have written in pencil. I should have planned lightly, hypothetically, and should have used words like “maybe” and “possibly”. Instead, every chance I got, I wrote something in stone and Sharpe.”  – Shauna Niequist

Not Early Retirement: Work Optional!

Early retirement. Financially independent (FI). Selfishly employed. Or Financial freedom. I don’t know what you call it. Around our home, we call it Work Optional. We are 33 and 38 respectively. And after a crap load of hard work, saving, investing, fixing up rentals, putting in some years with the military, we are work optional. […]

Financial indepance