April Expenses

The weather in April was truly amazing! I attribute our low spending for this month mostly on the fact that we were constantly out and about having fun. Because we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, the best kinds of fun are often free. When we get so busy with […]

Creating a YOLO Experiance

YOLO gets a bad rap in the personal finance community. Probably because it sounds stupid as hell. And is often short sighted; bordering on irresponsible.   But if you don’t carpe your diem, it might pass you by. Let’s face it. Life changes fast. And opportunities have short expiration dates. Friends move away. Start big […]

Shaped by Poverty

My entire childhood was spent living under the poverty level. And I was painfully aware of it. My mom worked so hard to make ends meet, especially for us kids. All summer long she would search garage sales trying to find the nicest clothes they had to offer. She was always so excited to show […]

March Expenses

All the bills for baby #5 came in this month. Again, I was so thankful that we have health insurance. The bill from the hospital was close to $9,000 for our 48 hour stay (not to include the doctor fees, which we prepaid). Our portion of the payment was $500. Then there was the anesthesiologist’s […]