April Expenses

The weather in April was truly amazing! I attribute our low spending for this month mostly on the fact that we were constantly out and about having fun. Because we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, the best kinds of fun are often free. When we get so busy with […]

Creating a YOLO Experiance

YOLO gets a bad rap in the personal finance community. Probably because it sounds stupid as hell. And is often short sighted; bordering on irresponsible.   But if you don’t carpe your diem, it might pass you by. Let’s face it. Life changes fast. And opportunities have short expiration dates. Friends move away. Start big […]

Can we afford a $30k Wedding?

I was reading another blog, when one of the commenters insisted that it was absolutely impossible to get married for less than $30,000. She stated that every article suggesting otherwise was either impractical or irrelevant to most people’s situation. It got me thinking. If she is in fact right and there is really no way […]

The weather in Montana carries a kind of moral obligation. Like when it is just perfect, you feel you have to go and enjoy it. There seem to only be a handful to perfect days each season, each carrying a sense of urgency. If you stay inside, you really haven’t honored the gift that was given. So we have been running around like crazy, trying to capture every perfect day for all it’s worth.

Last weekend we headed out to one of the many amazing lakes in our area. We were having fun exploring this new place, when some other campers hollered out to us. They were just about the leave and wondered if we would like to take over their campfire. Yes Please!

When we walked over, I remembered why I love Montana so much. These wonderful people not only left us a fire, but all the fixings for s’mores! There was a bag of marshmallows, gram crackers, chocolate bars, and even roasting sticks. My kids were beyond thrilled. That night when we talked about the 3 things we were grateful about today, all three had to do with the lake, campfire and s’mores.

Although it wasn’t more than a few dollars in left over supplies, it had made my kids day. Generous living doesn’t have to be expensive to have a big impact.

March Expenses

All the bills for baby #5 came in this month. Again, I was so thankful that we have health insurance. The bill from the hospital was close to $9,000 for our 48 hour stay (not to include the doctor fees, which we prepaid). Our portion of the payment was $500. Then there was the anesthesiologist’s […]