We’re Home!!!

After nearly 6 week traveling with the 5 kids, and our dog, cheesy taco, we are home! And how sweet it is. Quite literally! The raspberry bushes have pounds of sweet, juicy fruit on them. The strawberries are in full force too. Our kids have been running amuck, eating till their little hearts are content.


The herb garden was a bit overgrown to say the least! Mr. Mt had to cut back a bit of sage, lemon balm and oregano. =) It makes me laugh when I see those little tiny containers of fresh herbs in the grocery store for $2.50. =) What would this pile be? $500?



But it wasn’t to go to waste. Our darling 7 ducks were very happy to have some fresh herbs to snack on. The eggs might have a bit of extra flavor the next few days! Fresh ducks eggs might be Mr. Mt’s favorite thing about being home. =)


Now that we are back, my slacker blogging days are over! Promise. =) I will be back to a Monday/Thursday schedule for you all. I have SO many things that I am bursting at the seams to share! It was an amazing adventure and definitely gave me a lot of food for thought.

Here is a peak into some of the things I want to cover over the next few weeks.

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Cost break down for our 6 week trip

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Just Try It! 

Misadventures of finding a house sitter (which is how our ducks have survived the last 6 weeks, in case you were wondering!) =)

Why expensive coffee is such a great value. 

And about a dozen others I am working on! =) We spent a lot of time off the grid, which was awesome (for our souls, but less so for blog posting.) Thanks for bearing with us as we seek out adventure!

I saw a great sign on our trip. (I’m kind of a sucker for sappy mottos)

We travel; not to escape life. We travel so life doesn’t escape us.