Write a New Narrative

There is a story running through our mind. We are the protagonist of this tale. How do we describe our character?  These thoughts shape our narrative. On average, 30,000 thoughts cross our mind each day. 30,000. Are they serving us well? How many of those are bringing us closer to our goals and making our […]

Net Worth Update 2016

Welcome to our very first Net Worth Update! It’s something that we only do about twice a year around our house. So it’s usually a fun surprise to see how our hard work has paid off. But this year we took a whole year off from work! We contributed $0 to our investments this year (so […]

June and July Expenses

Fall snuck up on me this year. Last week was hot and sunny, and this week I’m digging out my sweaters.  My two oldest went back to school last week and I have mixed feelings. Part of me (a rather small part) is kind of sad. After all we had such an amazing summer. We traveled […]

The Monthly Nut Ratio

What is your Monthly Nut Ratio? Conventional wisdom says your fixed expenses should be under 50%, leaving 30% for flexible spending and 20% for investing. What if you could increase your income or lower your payments? Maybe push your fixed expenses down to 30%, 20% or 15%?   Some people track their net worth, savings rate, […]