Write a New Narrative

There is a story running through our mind. We are the protagonist of this tale. How do we describe our character?  These thoughts shape our narrative. On average, 30,000 thoughts cross our mind each day. 30,000. Are they serving us well? How many of those are bringing us closer to our goals and making our […]

The Monthly Nut Ratio

What is your Monthly Nut Ratio? Conventional wisdom says your fixed expenses should be under 50%, leaving 30% for flexible spending and 20% for investing. What if you could increase your income or lower your payments? Maybe push your fixed expenses down to 30%, 20% or 15%?   Some people track their net worth, savings rate, […]

Cherries, Cherries and More Cherries

We are always looking for fun and tasty ways to keep our food bill low. Of course, saving money is fun. But if our food can add some entertainment and be extra yummy: that’s what we are really excited about! Flathead Lake is a stones throw away from us, and in this perfect micro-climate beautiful, […]