Protecting Loved Ones from Financial Fraud

If you are in the habit of reading personal finance blogs, you might feel you could never fall victim to fraud. As I sat in the audience of a recent conference, I thought about my little sister, my parents, grandparents and late great grandparents. Whenever folks are desperate, they are more easily victimized. So I wanted […]

Write a New Narrative

There is a story running through our mind. We are the protagonist of this tale. How do we describe our character?  These thoughts shape our narrative. On average, 30,000 thoughts cross our mind each day. 30,000. Are they serving us well? How many of those are bringing us closer to our goals and making our […]

Investing in Relationships for Growth

if you lack: money, time, or flexibility

Most people want to build deeper more meaningful relationships. We have friendships, other trail blazers in our field, and people in our tribe that we want to connect with. Those relationships help us become the best version of ourselves. They inspire us, ground us, and encourage. But each season in life brings its own challenges. […]

The Cost of a Dream

Buying a beautiful classic car has always been one of the big dreams for Mr. Mt. He doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, but working under an old car seems to be pure joy for him. A million years ago, before we met, he had owned a few. Those are fond memories. In reality, a […]

Today I wanted to share a guest post with you all that I wrote for Centsibly Rich. I mentioned how we knocked out over $50,000 of debt. But how the heck did we do that? What our my best tips for getting out of debt? How did we set out to pay cash for a house to stay debt free? Amanda is running a series of post about becoming debt free, and I am so grateful she is sharing our story. Head on over there and check it out to find out all the juicy details!

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Appearance: How We Paid of $50,000+ of Debt

The Monthly Nut Ratio

What is your Monthly Nut Ratio? Conventional wisdom says your fixed expenses should be under 50%, leaving 30% for flexible spending and 20% for investing. What if you could increase your income or lower your payments? Maybe push your fixed expenses down to 30%, 20% or 15%?   Some people track their net worth, savings rate, […]