You Can’t Waste Good

I had been working my new job for a few weeks before when Mr. Mt burst through the door on a Saturday evening and said, “You need to leave early.” I glanced at my boss, who nodded his approval before I went to clock out. When I came back and gathered my things to leave, I […]

September Expenses

“Wait! What? No, that isn’t possible! $1120 for food this month! Surely we accidentally triple entered a Costco receipt!” I would love to say I was cool like a cucumber, but I wasn’t. I could feel my chest tighten. My breathing started to get shallow. “What happened?!” I looked at Mr. Mt with slight panic […]

The Giving Fund

My best friend had moved an ocean away, when her husband died in the line of duty. There wasn’t anything practical I could do to help being a whole continent away. So I went out and spent $300 on new shoes for her. Cute shoes. Snazzy boots. I didn’t have $300 to spend in that […]

Their Up is My Down

finding your new tribe

Blogging is going to make me rich. Most of my life, I felt like we were swimming against the tide of consumerism. But now, the currents have changed. I have found my tribe. And I think that will make all the difference. I’ve been spending money, real money, for about 20 years. I found a […]

Smart Goals with Savings Art

Most folks find it easier to attain that Dave Ramsey style gazelle intensity when they are paying off debt. Sometimes after we hit the big goal of becoming debt free, our motivation and focus sputters as we transition into the vague world of saving. I was so inspired by Derek’s post on Debt Art that […]

August Expenses

August’s expenses could have been the lowest yet, but every month brings some unique expenses. That is just the way life works. One-time expenses happen almost every month. Especially if you own a home, drive cars, have a yard, are married, have kids, or pets. This month would have dropped below $2,000 but we bought […]

Moderate Minimalism

Our house isn’t too small. We just have too much stuff. And not just any kind of stuff. We have too much stuff we don’t use. That’s the thing. Our house is the perfect size for our people, and the things we use all the time. Perfect size, I tell ya. Unfortunately, a lot of other […]