Going Back to Work after a Gap Year

what's next for us?

We took a year off to give some space for our biggest dreams. The dreams that are hard to squeeze around a 9-5. We wanted to travel more, renovate, write, adventure, and transition. We weren’t really sure how all of that would look or where it might take us. We wanted family life to look […]

Gap Year Budget

2016 Income and Expense Report

  How can a person afford to take a year off? Gap years seem to make sense for a 20 year old unsure about their life direction. But what about a 33 year old unsure about what the next season should hold? One with 5 little kids, 3 houses, and a dog? Well, the process […]

Early Retirement Experiment

dealing with the unknowns

We went into this Gap year with more questions than answers. Some people enter early retirement full of confidence in their carefully laid plans. They have no doubts, just “mountaintop shouting declarations” of what this next season will bring. Not us. We had questions, doubts, and unknowns. We went into our year off with an […]

3 Kinds of Side Hustle

There is a lot of chatter out there about “The Side Hustle.” But not all hustles are created the same. Depending on your season in life and goals, there are 3 kinds to consider. The Quick Cash, Profitable MultiTasking or Professional Growth. If you know the difference between the 3, you can find the right hustle […]

Christmas Giveaway!

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holiday give-away

Every year I put together Christmas baskets for my family. I add all the locally made items I love the most from Montana. Good coffee. Huckleberry hot fudge that I pour over almost everything (apples, ice cream, pop corn, in hot coco and lattes, pears, pancakes. It’s a long list!) Huckleberry jam that I also is […]

October Expenses

Record low, winter gear and birthdays

It’s finally happened! I wasn’t sure it ever would, but here we are. Our expenses were finally under $2,000 including our giving. (2 other months we would have made it, but our giving pushed us over.) I am so excited! I had originally estimated our expenses at $3500 a month, but we have actually averaged […]

Find Your “No-Matter-What” Retirement Savings Number

Habits are more valuable than returns. For number geeks like me, this can be tough to admit. Mayby want to start saving for retirement but are still paying off our credit card at 17% interest, and student loans at 7.9%. It’s easy to put off retirement savings till we feel more ready. But the habit […]