Do the Unnecessarily Difficult Things

“That coach just runs those girls to death.” I overheard a customer say this while I was waiting tables. I had to laugh a little, because I was one of “those girls.” Our basketball coach was a local legend. His grueling physical training was par for the course when you played ball for him. (FYI, […]

Do unnecessarily Difficult things

1 Rule We Used to Cut Our Grocery Bill in Half

“It’s expensive to eat healthy.” It’s something that gets said a lot. Except I don’t think that is true at all. I think it’s expensive to eat unhealthy. Now, it’s faster to eat unhealthy; processed food means less prep time. But not cheaper. If we really look at the price per pound of our food, […]

You Tube Renovation Tips for Building Sweat Equity

We have now renovated three homes all with knowledge learned from YouTube videos. Those renovations have allowed us to grow our net worth and passive income in ways we just wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. With each purchase, money was so tight, we couldn’t have pulled it off if we would have had […]

How to you tube renovation

December Expenses

December has to be my favorite month of the year. And not just because of festive celebrations. December is when I finish up all my plans for the year and start planning the coming year(s). Planning, dreaming, scheming might just be my favorite activity. Our December expenses were really amazing! Even with 2 big expenses, […]