January 2017 Expenses

There are things I love about each season. January was COLD. Cold, cold, cold. Like -20 below cold at times. Which most people hate, truth be told. They didn’t move to Montana to live like icicles. But I secretly love it. Of course, I would never tell people that. Complaining about the weather is a […]

Cost per month for large family early retirement

The Highlight Reel

As a blogger, people often want to know what your highlight reel is that influences your content. Just give us the overview of your life so we can quickly size you up. In some ways, it’s kind of similar to a eulogy or movie trailer.  If someone else were to sum up for life, accomplishments, […]

16 Reasons to become Financially Independent

There are a lot of misconceptions about striving for Financial Independence or even trying to create more financial freedom. I can often see the confusion or hesitation when I mention it. Here are some of the arguments against it: Your giving up and opting out You can’t produce You will no longer add value Our […]

16 reasons for financial independace