7 Tools to Overcome Fear of Failure

I heard it said that “Fear is the anticipation of future pain.” It made me start to think about my own fears of failure. The reason I fear the failure is the anticipation of that pain. The sting of rejection. The embarrassment of falling short. The reinforcing belief that I might not have what it […]

7 tools to overcome fear of failure

3 Necessary Qualities of a Money Mentor

When there are 100 voices trying to influence, persuade or normalize a well-trod path, where is the voice that calls you to walk your own path? Mentors help us swim upstream. The more unique the path we start carving out for ourselves, the harder it can be to find the right voices to spur us […]

finding a money mentor

3 Fixer Upper Factors in House Hunting

I was on the phone with my mom, walking her through pictures of a new rental property we were considering buying. In the background I heard my dad say, “Does she TRY to find the ugliest houses?!” Point taken. And it is a bit true. Buying investment properties is a game of numbers, not emotion. There […]

The Highlight Reel

As a blogger, people often want to know what your highlight reel is that influences your content. Just give us the overview of your life so we can quickly size you up. In some ways, it’s kind of similar to a eulogy or movie trailer.  If someone else were to sum up for life, accomplishments, […]

16 Reasons to become Financially Independent

There are a lot of misconceptions about striving for Financial Independence or even trying to create more financial freedom. I can often see the confusion or hesitation when I mention it. Here are some of the arguments against it: Your giving up and opting out You can’t produce You will no longer add value Our […]

16 reasons for financial independace