Will Early Retirement Ruin the Economy?

A lovely journalist named Patty interviewed me recently about the FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement) community and the rapid growth of the movement. She is very interested and supportive of the idea but asked an honest question from the view point of HR departments and companies: “Is this FIRE movement going to ruin the economy […]

February Expenses 2017

February was every good reason I’m glad we aren’t going back to the 9-5 for now. Income aside, there are good things about the 9-5 and bad things. February felt like living proof that I can replace the good things in a way that is more meaningful and impactful than the 9-5 ever was and […]

monthly expenses for large family

Be a Committed Quitter

For most of my life, I have HATED the idea of being seen as a quitter. I didn’t want to be seen as flaky and inconsistent. I didn’t want to seem like someone blown about by every whim. But the end result was that I never wanted to try new things. Because what if I […]

how to test early retirement ideas