The Most Important Hidden Quality of a Tenant

It will make managing your own property almost too easy

There are a number of things that people look for when trying to find tenants for their properties. High credit score, great referrals, enough income. All of those are important for sure. But that isn’t the most important for us. We have always managed our own properties. We have looked at one hidden quality that […]

best quality of a rental tenant

Making Progress when You Lack Energy

Sometimes I joke I am solar powered. Cold or warm weather doesn’t really matter much, I just want sunshine! But it’s been cloudy here lately. By lately, I mean the last 4 months. I’ve just been feeling…I don’t know…blah. This certain kind of blah is something that has been an ongoing part of my life […]

Make progress on money goals with depression

Life without a Cell Phone: It’s OK to be weird

For the last 30 days I haven’t had a cell phone. This whole thing started over my money/life mentoring trip to Vegas last month. I was standing in the hotel lobby and my phone slide off a book and hit the floor….never to turn on again. I had planned to be offline the whole weekend, […]

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