8 Steps to Fail at Budgeting

The idea of a Real Budget seems straightforward enough, some might even say, “sexy.” (J. Money) So why do so many quit out of frustration?  Here are the 8 steps to set yourself up for failure.

8 easy steps to failure

  1. Make up the numbers you think you are spending in each category. Don’t actually track them first to see if these numbers have any basis in reality. Just guess.
  2. Pull another number out of thin air to replace your best guess, for what you think you “should” be spending.
  3. Make a haphazard attempt to track your spending during the month.
  4. Don’t change any habits, just let that money run out of your budget category twice as fast as you thought it would.
  5. Be really grumpy at the end of the month because you have no more money for food, gas, or to go have fun.
  6. Arbitrarily move the numbers around for next month.
  7. Assume budgets are stupid, and you aren’t the type of person a budget could help.
  8. Then quit…..that is, until your money problems give you panic attacks in the middle of the night, where you shall begin at step one again.

If I am lying, I’m dying. This is how 90% of the folks I talk to start “budgeting”. Is it any wonder people fail? Or think it’s a waste of time? So what is the alternative? Use a Real Budget (coming soon). If your financial house is already in order you can try the Easy Budget.

Was this a bit like your first attempt at “budgeting”? How do you encourage people when this is what they are starting with? This sums up my first 5 or so attempts to budget after Mr. Montana and I were married!


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