Afraid of heights, Anyone?

We had an amazing hike to the swinging bridge. The older 4 kids kept a good pace, and we carried the baby. Cheesy taco, our sweet little dog, came too. Now, I have always bit a bit skittish way up high. But apparently, packing a baby, carrying a camera and holding the leash of an even more skittish dog on a bridge swinging over a raging river was my limit. Because I quickly changed my mind and walked down the ladder. But my kids are fearless. And they had a blast. Someone had to be at the bottom to take a picture, right?


Do you all have any adventures planned for the weekend?

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

We spent a week in Yellowstone. It was spectacular! It was a first for Mr. Mt. and all 5 kids. They were blown away by the geo-thermal activity. If you have never been, go. Just go.

Skipping Rocks

My kid’s favorite activity, hands down, is skipping rocks. Really for the younger ones: throwing rocks. Except in the heat of summer, lakes around here tend to run on the cold side. But the kids LOVE to go down to the water. When the water levels are low, perfect skipping rocks are plentiful!

The Hubs is a talented rock skipper, much to the kids delight. I mostly take in the scenery and the cool delicious spring air. When the breeze comes off the mountains it smells like fresh pine sap, rain, and flowers. That is tough to beat. Other than the perfectly clear starry nights, I miss the smell of Montana most when we are away.

The Gift of S’mores

The weather in Montana carries a kind of moral obligation. Like when it is just perfect, you feel you have to go and enjoy it. There seem to only be a handful to perfect days each season, each carrying a sense of urgency. If you stay inside, you really haven’t honored the gift that was given. So we have been running around like crazy, trying to capture every perfect day for all it’s worth.

Last weekend we headed out to one of the many amazing lakes in our area. We were having fun exploring this new place, when some other campers hollered out to us. They were just about the leave and wondered if we would like to take over their campfire. Yes Please!

When we walked over, I remembered why I love Montana so much. These wonderful people not only left us a fire, but all the fixings for s’mores! There was a bag of marshmallows, gram crackers, chocolate bars, and even roasting sticks. My kids were beyond thrilled. That night when we talked about the 3 things we were grateful about today, all three had to do with the lake, campfire and s’mores.

Although it wasn’t more than a few dollars in left over supplies, it had made my kids day. Generous living doesn’t have to be expensive to have a big impact.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Oh how I wish Mexican food was on sale all year round! 59 cents each for the avocados, 79 cent for a can of olives (we did buy 30 of those!), 69 cents a pound for the tomatoes, $1.59 for chips. These are going to be some killer nachos. I may or may not be eating 8 avocados this week. =)