Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived in Montana and it actually feels like Spring! I’ll be taking the week off from posting to hangout with the kids, get outdoors and dive into some new projects.

Plus I’ll be doing my quarterly review. It’s always important to take a step back and look at the areas of life that are important to you and do a check in. In my finances, relationships, professionally and lifestyle I ask myself a set of questions. I carve out 4-8 hours to do my quarterly review. Whenever you are trying to make significant progress in different areas of life or if your life has a few competing priorities, like ours does, these times for planning and reflection are key.

I’m also tackling some site revamping this week. =) Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey (if you haven’t yet, I would really appreciate it!) See you all next week!

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4 thoughts on “Spring Break

    • Thanks so much! Hopefully by the end of the spring break I’ll have the rest of the images updated and some other design work finished. I was super excited to get new images. We started with what we had and are making it better as we go. =) I see so many people try to make it perfect before they start. Better to just get started. =)

    • We finally had a nice sunny day today! =) I just had new pictures taken for my header image and head shot. I should have a few more family ones from that shoot on the Our Story page in the next few days. =) My hair is crazy long right now. :/ One of these days I might cut it back. =)