Happy Money


I check this book out from the library at least once a year to re-read it. It deals with the science behind how money does create happiness and how it doesn’t. I’ll admit I am a bit of a research geek, and the science they compiled behind happiness and spending is fantastic. But it also mixes in lots of great stories and examples. The book breaks down the 5 ways that money does increase happiness.

  1. Buy Experiences
  2. Make it a Treat
  3. Buy Time
  4. Pay Now, Consume Later
  5. Invest in Others

It’s full of useful details for how to maximize your happiness even in that category. For example spending on experiences, if you prepay for the experience far enough in advance, the pain of paying for it is far enough removed from the actual experience so it doesn’t taint the fun.

I find what holds most people back from living truly exceptional lives, isn’t the basic knowledge, but perspective. This books does a fine job at reshaping core beliefs about how your money brings happiness.


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