Going Back to Work after a Gap Year

what's next for us?

We took a year off to give some space for our biggest dreams. The dreams that are hard to squeeze around a 9-5. We wanted to travel more, renovate, write, adventure, and transition. We weren’t really sure how all of that would look or where it might take us. We wanted family life to look […]

Gap Year Budget

2016 Income and Expense Report

  How can a person afford to take a year off? Gap years seem to make sense for a 20 year old unsure about their life direction. But what about a 33 year old unsure about what the next season should hold? One with 5 little kids, 3 houses and a dog? Well the process […]

Answers from Taking a Gap Year

learning as we go

Our Gap year provided answers to our list of questions, answers to questions we didn’t even think about asking and more questions. If you have considered taking some time off or retiring early you might have had a few of these questions. Here is what the year off has taught us so far. I wrote […]

Early Retirement Experiment

dealing with the unknowns

We went into this Gap year with more questions than answers. Some people enter early retirement full of confidence in their carefully laid plans. They have no doubts, just “mountaintop shouting declarations” of what this next season will bring. Not us. We had questions, doubts, and unknowns. We went into our year off with an […]

We had an amazing hike to the swinging bridge. The older 4 kids kept a good pace, and we carried the baby. Cheesy taco, our sweet little dog, came too. Now, I have always bit a bit skittish way up high. But apparently, packing a baby, carrying a camera and holding the leash of an even more skittish dog on a bridge swinging over a raging river was my limit. Because I quickly changed my mind and walked down the ladder. But my kids are fearless. And they had a blast. Someone had to be at the bottom to take a picture, right?


Do you all have any adventures planned for the weekend?