November Expenses

November was packed full of outdoor activities, our new family fun night, and awesome cash back rewards. We actually had some nice fall weather this month, after a rather cold start to the fall season. So we headed outdoors. Here are some highlights of our expenses for our family of 7: Extra gas money: $135 […]

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Gap Year Budget

2016 Income and Expense Report

  How can a person afford to take a year off? Gap years seem to make sense for a 20 year old unsure about their life direction. But what about a 33 year old unsure about what the next season should hold? One with 5 little kids, 3 houses and a dog? Well the process […]

Do the math: Emergency Fund

Your emergency fund should have 3-6 months of income. Ok, I suppose if you only have 60 seconds to figure out how much cash you should be keeping on hand, this is a good start. But come on. Let’s not leave huge, important financial decisions to a rule of thumb that perfectly applies to no […]

Can we afford a $30k Wedding?

I was reading another blog, when one of the commenters insisted that it was absolutely impossible to get married for less than $30,000. She stated that every article suggesting otherwise was either impractical or irrelevant to most people’s situation. It got me thinking. If she is in fact right and there is really no way […]

Easy Budget

You are saving, investing, and out of debt now. You don’t really want to track every dollar. But you don’t want things to go sideways either, while you aren’t paying attention. Enter Easy Budget. Here is how it works. (Graph from my very first personal finance presentation in 2009!) Divide your spending into three categories. […]