You Tube Renovation Tips for Building Sweat Equity

We have now renovated three homes all with knowledge learned from YouTube videos. Those renovations have allowed us to grow our net worth and passive income in ways we just wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. With each purchase, money was so tight, we couldn’t have pulled it off if we would have had […]

How to you tube renovation

Going Back to Work after a Gap Year

what's next for us?

We took a year off to give some space for our biggest dreams. The dreams that are hard to squeeze around a 9-5. We wanted to travel more, renovate, write, adventure, and transition. We weren’t really sure how all of that would look or where it might take us. We wanted family life to look […]

New: Reader Guest Post!

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I’m am very excited to kick off our very first reader guest post! I post Monday and Wednesday, but every now and again we will do something fun on Friday! I opened this reader guest post up to all the lovely folks on my email list (get on there for all the cool backstage stuff!) […]

Find Your “No-Matter-What” Retirement Savings Number

Habits are more valuable than returns. For number geeks like me, this can be tough to admit. Mayby want to start saving for retirement but are still paying off our credit card at 17% interest, and student loans at 7.9%. It’s easy to put off retirement savings till we feel more ready. But the habit […]