Look Rich or Feel Rich

but you can't have both

I sent a real estate listing to some friends of mine that are in a house hunt. It’s a “feel rich” house. I was a little giddy finding this amazing deal. This house will help them build wealth, create passive income and feel rich…. Unfortunately they will look Broke. As. A. Joke. while they live […]

No. 1 Way to Protect Your Net Worth

While Hubs was in the military, we attended many Chapel sponsored marriage retreats, and I will never forget what one Chaplain shared in class. It went something like this, “For all the service members, I want you to really think about this. I sure hope that next promotion you are up for is a good one. And I mean really good. Like twice what you are earning now. Because if you put your marriage and family on the back burner and sacrifice those relationship to get that next rank, well, the Army will give them 50% of your pension when they leave you. You better count the cost Solider!” I think I almost heard a few 40 year old men crap their pants.

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