Holiday Drawing THIS Saturday!

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holiday give-away

Every year I put together gift baskets for my family full of local goodies. Beings we had a TON of cash back this year (thank you credit cards!), I am going to mail one out to one of my email subscribers. (Which is much easier and less creepy than tracking down a reader from a […]

3 Kinds of Side Hustle

There is a lot of chatter out there about “The Side Hustle.” But not all hustles are created the same. Depending on your season in life and goals, there are 3 kinds to consider. The Quick Cash, Profitable MultiTasking or Professional Growth. If you know the difference between the 3, you can find the right hustle […]

Christmas Giveaway!

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holiday give-away

Every year I put together Christmas baskets for my family. I add all the locally made items I love the most from Montana. Good coffee. Huckleberry hot fudge that I pour over almost everything (apples, ice cream, pop corn, in hot coco and lattes, pears, pancakes. It’s a long list!) Huckleberry jam that I also is […]

August Expenses

August’s expenses could have been the lowest yet, but every month brings some unique expenses. That is just the way life works. One-time expenses happen almost every month. Especially if you own a home, drive cars, have a yard, are married, have kids, or pets. This month would have dropped below $2,000 but we bought […]

Protecting Loved Ones from Financial Fraud

If you are in the habit of reading personal finance blogs, you might feel you could never fall victim to fraud. As I sat in the audience of a recent conference, I thought about my little sister, my parents, grandparents and late great grandparents. Whenever folks are desperate, they are more easily victimized. So I wanted […]

Write a New Narrative

There is a story running through our mind. We are the protagonist of this tale. How do we describe our character?  These thoughts shape our narrative. On average, 30,000 thoughts cross our mind each day. 30,000. Are they serving us well? How many of those are bringing us closer to our goals and making our […]