Frugal Respects Frugal

Work towards big goals and the world conspires to help you. I really believe that. Especially in your desire to get out of debt, build up an emergency fund, or build wealth. When you are working your ass off toward these goals, other Frugalers will respect your Frugaling. (Yes, it’s a verb, noun, adjective, and adverb in my world!)

  1. Frugal Peers. In your Frugal journey, other Frugalers will come along side your journey to make it fun. They will respect your Frugal. They will take you up on the offer to play disk golf on the weekends. When you host a Vid Angel movie night, they will bring some snacks. You will be invited to their back yard BBQ’s with all the kids running amuck. They will do crazy cheap road trips with you, involving tents and instant oatmeal. Even if they are further ahead in their Frugal journey, they will respect your Frugal. Because Frugal respects Frugal.


Your Thriftless Friends… well that’s another story. They have no Frugal. They respect no Frugal. They will invite you out to dinner and the movies where you need to get a sitter and end up spending $90 to hang out with them for the evening. They will goad you into doing an expensive spa weekend. They will make fun of your beater car. They might expect you to drop $300 on an ugly bridesmaid dress. Movie nights won’t be fun enough for them, it will have to be a full night drinking at the bars if you want to hang. They will help you stay broke as a joke! Just. Like. Them.


  1. Those farther ahead in their frugal success will help you. When people see you working hard at your Frugal, they will come along side you. Frugal respects Frugal! When we married with a mountain of debt, there was no way we were going to add to the pile of debt. Because we refused to finance our big day, our friends, community, and family rallied around us. The goal of our wedding day was to be married! Setting that as the bar for success, we had an amazing event. In lieu of gifts, one friend made my wedding cake, another sewed my dress, my aunt did my nails, my brides maid paid for my hair to be done, and another friend DJ’d the music. Our church community brought and set up chairs, they brought food potluck style, officiated the wedding, and played the piano as I walked down the aisle. We paid about $700 cash and had a wonderful ceremony and party after. And the best part… At the end of the night, we were married. And are still married.  People will see your hard work, and come along side you to support you. If nothing else, they will feel stupid trying to sabotage your success!
  1. Other people’s Frugal makes me more generous. So many people have helped us in our Frugaling over the years. It warms my heart to see folks putting in the hard work, bucking the consumer trend and carving out a new future for themselves. I love to be able to reward others Frugal. If I know my lunch date is busting her ass towards her big goals, I’ll pick up the tab for our $1 tacos. I will help pay for Frugal adventures with friends who are dedicating their life to amazing nonprofit organizations. My Frugal respects others Frugal. Most importantly, I will never ask people to spend money they don’t have. You know what I asked my brides maids to wear in my Frugal wedding? Whatever nice summer dress they already owned.


Do you feel like people respect and encourage you on your financial journey?