Guest post over at 1500 days till Freedom!

I’m hanging out over at 1500 days till Freedom today! I’d love for you to jump over and check it out. I’m talking about my philosophy of creating enough financial freedom to be able to customize your life. We haven’t amassed a ton of investments, but rather have pieced together enough income to give us flexibility. We can take off a few months, or a few years. We just take on projects we are really excited about, even if they don’t pay. And we didn’t live a sparse life on our journey here either. We traveled through 27 countries. We road tripped across the US. We adventured every chance we got. We volunteered. Everyone has a different path to get to their ideal life, where our most important work gets our best time (if that is kids, family, hobbies, 9-5, passion projects, volunteering, ect). But I think the beauty of the personal fiance community is it shows there is more than one way to get where you want to go!

I hope you enjoy it!

Living Right with Montana Money Adventures

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5 thoughts on “Guest post over at 1500 days till Freedom!

  1. Sounds to me like you’re Living Right, and doing it Right Now, which is awesome. So many of us delay gratification until we reach an imaginary finish line we’ve drawn. Strong work — I ‘ll go check out the full post now.


    • I think the imaginary finish line is a very real force. And it often moves farther away as we get closer. I think somethings can be put off, but so many things pass us by as well. We went crazy frugal with somethings so we could fully embrace other opportunities that were short lived. Hitting work optional, actually means a doubling down for us on our big goals. We made a huge dent in the list these last 15 years, but not that we don’t have to worry about paying the bills, even more energy and focus can go towards the things most important to us. =)

  2. Thanks so much Ms. Montana for your post today! I’ve always looked at retirement as an all or nothing proposition (no leaving work until you’re totally set). Your viewpoint is a healthier one. I’ve realized lately that I waited to long to start really enjoying life.

    • Thank YOU so much! It’s awesome to get to hang out at your place today! I don’t know about healthier. But each person needs to figure out what works in their situation. I know that we could have gotten to FI faster if we gave up the most important things to us, (travel, adoption, giving, meaningful work) but I feel like those opportunities would have passed us by. I only had one chance to adopt those sweet kiddos. =) I think having a few different stories in the pf space helps show people the variety of options. From flexible work, mini retirements, sabbaticals, work optional. I’m so excited for this next season for you! (insert happy dancing)

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