Money Consultation

Sometimes we have questions. Sometimes we need another set of eyes to help look over our plans. Sometimes we just need help getting things set up and started. There is no need to struggle with these money questions. Or wonder if you are on the right path.

I can help.

When you need some guidance, advice, brainstorming, planning, or double checking, I offer 60-90 minute consults. This will help you get set up on the right path. It will build your confidence in your plans.

Who it is right for?

  • People who plan to retire early
  • People looking to take a career break
  • People who want to transition into new career fields
  • People with big dreams (that are also expensive and complicated)
  • People preparing for or  who just transitioned into early retirement
  • People needing some help getting their planning/accounts set up

These are all situations that we have walked through in the last 15 years. These consultations are like having a money friend who has walked the path you are about to set out on.

What kinds of things have I helped others with?

Setting up a budget

Calculating monthly retirement saving goals

Setting up retirement accounts

Brainstorming ways to reduce cost

Creating early retirement transition

Setting up goals, finding helpful habits/routines

Brainstorming for solutions/optimizing

Travel planning

Evaluating Rentals

Budgeting large dreams

What do these money consultations offer?

60-90 minute consults via Skype, Google Hangouts or phone

A month of email follow up (just in case you forgot something)

Cost: $89 paid via paypal

Due to the time intensive nature of this, I will only be opening 2 spots per month. They can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

Fill out your request:

Money Consultations

These consults will start with a brief questionnaire to get us on the same page, with information about expenses, income and investments. I will review it to see if I could provide real value in your situation and email any extra questions I might have. (If I am out of my depth on your topic, I’ll be the first to admit it!) If it seems like a good fit, we will set up a 60-90 minute Skype, Google Hangout, or phone chat to answer all your questions. I will provide a month of email question follow up just in case we missed anything.

If you are looking for a complete plan and more of a transformation in your finances and life, check out our Money Mentoring Program. Money Mentoring offers a comprehensive plan with weekly followup and daily accountability. This program addresses many areas of your life that intersects with money: work, purpose, dreams and relationships.

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