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I’m am very excited to kick off our very first reader guest post! I post Monday and Wednesday, but every now and again we will do something fun on Friday! I opened this reader guest post up to all the lovely folks on my email list (get on there for all the cool backstage stuff!) And Britt is up first. We will be featuring your easy, healthy and affordable meals! Cause everybody needs to eat, right? So before you do your grocery shopping this weekend, here is a bit of inspiration. Let’s give a big warm welcome to the ever brave, Britt!


Hi, MMA readers! My name is Britt, and I’m a big fan of Ms. Montana and so excited to be with you all today. I’ve been an avid PF blog reader for a long time, and I’m delighted to be a part of the community that Ms M. has created here.

When I told my husband that I was writing a ‘recipe’ guest post for a blog, he laughed out loud – I’m not exactly a chef. Hubs does 95% of the cooking in our house, and the majority of my 5% is scrambling eggs for our one-year-old. So after the chuckle, he said, “so, the southwest soup it is?”


It’s nice to be known, isn’t it? J

Friends, this soup is my go-to because it’s the best. It is easy, cheap, freezes well, and delicious!


  • One large onion
  • 2 cups of frozen green beans (1/2 bag)
  • 2 cups of frozen corn (1/2 bag)
  • 2 cups of shredded carrots (frozen or fresh)
  • 2 cans of black beans, rinsed
  • 3 cans of Rotel tomatoes with lime and cilantro
  • 3 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 19oz can of green enchilada sauce
  • 1 19oz can of red enchilada sauce
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning
  • 2 jalapenos to taste
  • 2 large chicken breasts (frozen or fresh)


  • Chop onion and sauté in butter or oil for 10 minutes. Make sure to use the pot you’ll make the soup in so there’s only one thing to clean!
  • Dump in everything else
  • Simmer on low for 3-6 hours
  • Remove chicken, shred with a fork, and return to pot
  • Cook for another 30 minutes or so


Optional garnishes: shredded cheddar, sour cream, crispy tortilla strips, lime wedge, fresh cilantro, avocado. Any all or none – whatever you like!



This ingredient list will make about 16 servings, but another great thing about this recipe is its flexibility. Have extra green beans and but no carrots? No biggie! Is there a quarter bag of frozen vegetable medley in your freezer leftover from dinner last week? Throw it in –  peas, lima beans and all. Your son forgets to mention he’s bringing home a couple friends after football practice? Throw in some extra chicken and water and the flavor will stretch wonderfully well, I promise.

I make this soup and freeze in two serving batches (pro tip – those cottage cheese/sour cream/yogurt containers are the perfect size for two servings) and we pull it out whenever we need an easy meal. I bring it to new mamas, friends who are moving, and neighbors who are sick. I keep a couple boxes of Jiffy cornbread on hand and along with a container of soup, BOOM – ready to go meal at all times!


Britt is an ESFJ who lives in Minneapolis with her husband and toddler. She works full time in IT while her husband stays home with their son and tackles side projects. In addition to personal finance blogs, she loves cheap red wine, country music, and hanging laundry on the clothesline.



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9 thoughts on “New: Reader Guest Post!

  1. Yay! So cool to see a Britt guest blog post, and some photos, because she always has great comments that are always so interesting to read. I feel like I’ve read a lot of her comments here and on Penny’s blog and maybe a few other places

    I am totally going to try this recipe if I can figure out how to reduce it to a couple of servings so I don’t have any waste.

    • I know, right? So cool to get to know a little bit more about other readers. =) And TJ, you should totally just freeze the extra in single servings. You could use the quart ziplock freezer bags. That would be a super easy option after a long day at work. Or to take for lunch.

    • Hey, TJ! Thanks so much for saying hello. I see your name everywhere in the comments and can’t wait to check out your blog.

      I know 15-16 servings sounds like a ton, but seriously you’ll love having it in the freezer and ready to go. It’s the perfect time of year of soup 🙂

      • Thanks Britt! My blog is definitely still a work in progress, but who knows, maybe one of the posts strikes your fancy? I’m still “finding my voice” as they say.

  2. Yum!! I’m so hungry I just had to click hoping I could smell and taste it through the screen…alas, I’ve had no luck. But winter is approaching so this is super timing for a good soup recipe. I make something similar but since I don’t eat meat I sub veggie broth, heat it up and throw a fried egg on top for added protein. Looking forward to shipping up a batch once I’m back home. Thanks for the inspiration!! 🙂

    • Hi Miss Mazuma! You brought up such a good point that I should’ve mentioned…it’s so easy to switch this to a veg-friendly recipe. I’ve never thought to put a fried egg on top – YUM. I will definitely be trying that.

      And yes like you said…I think it’s the perfect soup season. Especially with all the cooking and baking that happens during the holidays, I think it’s so nice to have already-prepared meals on hand for easy eats.

  3. We make something like this about once a year. My husband isn’t a huge fan of eating the same leftovers over and over, though he always take leftovers for lunch. I always use leftover yogurt/cottage cheese containers for leftovers and freezing, too!

    • Hi, Kalie! I too am a huge leftovers-for-lunch person. I’ve found that if I space out the soup (or any other freezer meal) to about one meal a week, I don’t get tired of it but still am not leaving things in the freezer for too long.

      And yes, aren’t those containers the best?! I just have to be diligent about labeling…there have been a couple times I’ve forgotten and then months later I find it in the back of the freezer and it’s a mystery 🙂

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