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Hi, I’m Ms. Montana, but you can just call me Jillian.  I write about how people can take their finances from average to extraordinary. Creating more financial freedom so you can live the life that balances everything you value and still has space for your biggest dreams and goals.

Mr. Montana and I started in a very typical spot financially when we married 15 years ago.

Together we had over $50,000 of debt on our wedding day. With that debt hanging over our heads, I was discouraged. See, we also had dreams. Big dreams. But I didn’t see any way we could make those dreams happen. I feared we would hit the middle of our lives and be filled with regret if we didn’t come up with a plan.

I knew I didn’t want to be tied to our 9-5 jobs forever, constantly trading hours for dollars. We wanted more freedom than that. We wanted the flexibility to have time with our family, travel, adopt and volunteer.

It wasn’t a quick journey. That is for sure. But in the last 15 years, we are living the life we had always dreamed of.

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We have been able to travel through 27 countries, and live abroad for 4 years. We created passive income from rental properties that we renovated using DIY skills learned from You Tube. We were able to pay cash for our first home, keeping our monthly fixed expenses super low. We are able to give generously of our time and money to causes that we care about and see the impact that has in our community. 12 years ago we adopted our oldest, a teenager at the time. A few years later we had our first biological child.  In 2015 we adopted a sibling group of 3. And then surprise! Our sweet baby was born 4 months later. So we have 5 little ones at home right now. (9 and under!)


I know it isn’t easy.

But I also know it doesn’t have to be complicated if you have a bit of direction and encouragement.

You can have more freedom, more adventure and be able to live with more passion and purpose. No matter what your goals are: financial freedom, more flexibility, early retirement, travel, adventure, time with family and friends, or making an impact in your community

I want to you live fully, without regret.

I post once a week and send out weekly emails every Tuesday. (Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss any posts, get all the exclusive info, my new PDF guide 6 Easy Steps to Taking a Year Off Every Decade for FREE and rsvp invites.)

I will help create a clear path for you:

Reduce your debt

Lower expenses

Increase income

Find the perfect side hustle

Give with impact

Create passive income

Find affordable ways to travel

Create more financial freedom

You don’t have to sacrifice your biggest dreams. I am here to cheer you on and encourage you when the road seems long. With a plan in hand, it’s only a matter of time till you get there.

 A rich life isn’t just dollars and cents.

It’s relationships, adventure, passions, and generous living that make us feel rich.

We want to show how to have both. 

A life that looks rich in the numbers, and feels rich in the substance. 



We live in the beautiful Flathead valley (right by Glacier National Park) in Montana. We hike on nice Spring days, work in the garden, make ice cream, attend Church frequently and swear only occasionally. I love a good cup of black tea and am an avid reader of nonfiction books. We just finished a yearlong sabbatical filled with travel, adventures, aspiring toward moderate minimalism, home renovations, blogging, and mentoring.

Based on everything we have learned, we are continuing this journey by extending our mini-retirement out a few years. I hope you’ll join us!

Much Love,

from Montana!


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