Guest post over at 1500 days till Freedom!

I’m hanging out over at 1500 days till Freedom today! I’d love for you to jump over and check it out. I’m talking about my philosophy of creating enough financial freedom to be able to customize your life. We haven’t amassed a ton of investments, but rather have pieced together enough income to give us […]

4 Elements for Great Adventures

I love a great adventure. And I’m not just talking about travel. Why is it we often make adventure synonymous with travel? Where does that leave folks who don’t care for travel? A no adventure life? I don’t think so. Instead we can use the elements of travel that are adventurous to apply to any area of […]

how to find adventure in everyday life

Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived in Montana and it actually feels like Spring! I’ll be taking the week off from posting to hangout with the kids, get outdoors and dive into some new projects.

Plus I’ll be doing my quarterly review. It’s always important to take a step back and look at the areas of life that are important to you and do a check in. In my finances, relationships, professionally and lifestyle I ask myself a set of questions. I carve out 4-8 hours to do my quarterly review. Whenever you are trying to make significant progress in different areas of life or if your life has a few competing priorities, like ours does, these times for planning and reflection are key.

I’m also tackling some site revamping this week. =) Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey (if you haven’t yet, I would really appreciate it!) See you all next week!

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Will early retirement ruin the economy?

A lovely journalist named Patty interviewed me recently about the FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement) community and the rapid growth of the movement. She is very interested and supportive of the idea but asked an honest question from the view point of HR departments and companies: “Is this FIRE movement going to ruin the economy […]