Start Your Budget at Zero

Have you ever seen a news article shared or story featured where a family was able to keep their expenses low, like really low… surprisingly low. And then you read the comments. It’s funny for me to read people’s reactions. They generally look something like this. “I would hate to live that way.” “That sound like […]

I Wouldn’t Buy Our Wedding Rings Again

and other thoughts on minimalism and frugality

5 years ago the center stone of my wedding ring fell out. We added that expense to our list of “things to buy when we can afford it.” I suppose we could afford to replace the stone today, as we have $50,000 in our checking accounts. But I never have. Partly frugality. Partly minimalism. Mostly, my […]

minimalism and frugality

Summer Reading Party: Smart Couples Finish Rich

I first read this book about 12 years ago and it has been the foundation of information that shaped our financial life. The Be-Have-Do mentoring exercise first started as an idea I read here. We did the value circle, year after year. We bought a file folder and organized our documents. We built our dream fund […]

best personal finance reading list

Create Your Own Dream A La Carte Price List

If you want to spend two weeks traveling or experience a 2-year Mini-Retirement, creating an a la carte price list for that experience is the perfect way to start planning. It provides the motivation you need to increase your income or saving rates. As well as the clarity that will help you start preparing. How to Create […]

create a travel budget

Summer Reading Party: 5 Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

best personal finance reading list

Amanda, over at Centsibly Rich, recommended this book. So I ordered it straight away! Half of the books I picked for our Summer Reading Party dealt with personal finance head on. Tackling topics like spending to create happiness (Happy Money), frugality ( The Ultimate Cheapskates guide to true riches), money in your 20’s (Broke Millennial), or managing […]

July Expenses: Renovation and Summer Fun

early retirement budget with big family

The Renovation Life In one of the mentoring questions, I talked about how I enjoy doing 2-week renovations. 2 of those a year would be a perfect balance. Time to build and create, then time for family, rest and other creative projects that are less physically tiring. But in July we took on a 4-week […]

Mentoring Questions: Be-Have-Do

I wanted to create a new series to help you DIY your own money mentoring process with these Peer Mentoring Tools. It all starts with good questions. Most great mentors are great because 1. They “show up” in a meaningful way (focused on your goals, your situation, to help encourage you to make progress). And […]

How to do money mentoring with a friend