Reader Guest Post!

Because we all eat, and buy food

Want to write a guest post for MMA?

This is going to be an amazing way to let people know you  better in our community. It’s not just a recipe, people can find those anywhere. But a bit of your story, your family, your hobbies. So tell us a bit about yourself as you share a recipe that is affordable, easy and healthy. I want to know my readers better, and I want other readers to get to know you. Because isn’t that what we are all looking for?? Real people, real stories, and good food that is healthy and affordable.

Here is the format:

Intro Paragraph 3-6 sentences:

Why this dish pertains to your story. Do you garden and have WAY too much squash? Do you travel, and this is a go to? Do you have a dozen kids and this is a crowd pleaser? Is it a family heritage? (My Scandinavian grandfather always made Swedish pancakes for us growing up and now I make those for my kids at Christmas.) So I want the other readers to know a bit about you. That way, when you comment here, or like something on fb, they feel like they know you a bit.

You can talk a bit about why this dish works. Can you make it in batches ahead of time? Is is easy to prepare? I make a layered enchilada that I can buy almost all the ingredients on sale and store in the pantry. The fresh ingredients needed are always super cheap. (yellow onions and corn tortillas)

Feature image: I need a good picture of the finished product for the feature image of the post.

Then the recipe! 

Add a few pictures if needed. Some easy to follow instructions. You can talk about the price of the items. Or price per serving. I love dishes I can make for under $1 a person.

Optional: Your bio

I always had a small identity crisis trying to write my bio. But if you want to give it a go, please do!

Here is what I currently use:

Ms. Montana writes and speaks on personal finance topics. Creating a life filled with financial freedom, adventure and generous living is her passion. She lives in the beautiful Flathead Valley in Montana with her husband, 5 kids, and a dog named Cheesy Taco. They are currently taking a year long sabbatical filled with hiking, traveling, classes, home renovation and writing. You can connect with her on her blog, Twitter, or Facebook
But use whatever you like! If you also write a blog, add that here. If you run a business or consulting, add your website. If you have an Esty store, let us know. It can be funny, professional or a bit of both. This is just one more chance for people to get to know you! (Although if it is inappropriate or offensive, I won’t add it. Sorry porn stars, I’m sure you are very talented, but no website links to your work.)
Just email me and let me know you are interested! If there is enough people interested, I will start adding these as a Friday feature. That way people have a little inspiration for the weekend grocery shopping.


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