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I grew up in a teeny-tiny Montana town. The Flathead valley, where we live now, isn’t exactly a big city. But we have Costco. Thank goodness. Living in a more rural area made me especially excited when I found out my friends were creating a side hustle app that would shine in rural areas.

That is a rare thing. There are lots of apps or business that help people to earn money from the sharing economy. Almost none of them work here. And exactly zero would work where I grew up. Except this one!

My Hometown Delivery is a versatile app that gives people the tools to launch an errand running/ delivery kind of business. In some ways it’s similar to services like Uber, or Air B and B except that the user is able to customize the type of work they want to do, and find customers that they want to work with.

Where other apps aren’t able to launch in small markets My Hometown Delivery actually shines in smaller communities.

How it works:

After you sign up as a My Hometown delivery driver, you are able to decide what kind of work you want to do and what opportunities would be in your community.

In very rural areas, you could batch shopping trips from the big box store. You are able to 100% customize your fees. So if you live 60 minutes from Costco, you could charge people in your community $30 to pick up their Costco groceries. If you picked up groceries for 5 people a week, that could bring in an extra $150 every week. All while doing your regular shopping.

There are dozens of options from partnering with restaurants for food delivery, shopping for elderly, dropping off and picking up pets from the groomer, or doing weekend deliveries for antique shops.

Holly and Korey, the designers of the app, have created a really powerful and user friendly interface. It makes placing orders really simple for customers. It also tracks all aspects of your business. I like how low the fees are compared to other services. You pay a small monthly fee for access to the app and training. Then you pay only 10% of the delivery fee. So if you earned $20 on a delivery, you would keep $18 of that. The $2 charge is a great value for the ease of use.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons really depend on the user. The very things that will make it a great fit for some people, will make it a bad fit for others.

Working with your own customers:

People might love or hate this. Unlike other companies where you open an app and start working with strangers, with My Hometown Delivery, you find your own customers. You can better find the niche you want to work with. But it also means it requires a bit more hustle on your part.

Rural vs. City

Most sharing economy apps are launched market by market and only in big cities. This app is more personal. You will work with the same customers or business week after week. It is more relational. Maybe you have a nursing home community that you serve. You run errands for the same group of ladies every month. You know their names and they know you. Their kids think you are a god-send. It’s much different that driving strangers in your car and never seeing them again.

Most apps aren’t even available in smaller markets, and probably won’t ever be. My HomeTown Delivery can be used in a town with just 500 people. Out of 100 households, how many can’t or don’t have the time to drive an hour to the big grocery store? We live in the Flathead valley now (about 100k people), that this app is perfect for this size community. We have lots of retirement homes, restaurants without drivers, small furniture shops without delivery personal, elderly who don’t like to drive in the snow and very busy professionals.

Random jobs vs. Your own business

My Hometown delivery works best if it’s run as a business. It could be a very part time, one afternoon a week business, but at the end of the day, it’s your business. You build a clientele. You manage your business. You pick your hours and niche. You set your fees (based on per delivery, per item or per mile, or a mix of all three)

It takes a bit more planning, marketing, and thought than just turning on an app. But you are also creating an ongoing side business.

I’m excited to help introduce this app. In part because Korey and Holly are amazing folks, but mostly because I think they have created something really special that meets a need other apps just can’t. I read about a lot of great side hustles, and think, “Well, that would be cool, but we probably won’t ever have it here.”

If you want to learn more about how it works, check out their website!


Disclosure: No, it’s not a sponsored post. There is a small affiliate bonus ($10, I think, if you want to sign up.) But mostly, I think Holly is great. She is just an incredible person with a kind heart and fiery entrepreneurial spirit. Plus this app was built in the Flathead Valley in Montana where we live. And I just think Montana companies are awesome. I tried to give you an honest, both sides of the story information. But I am obviously biased. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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14 thoughts on “Side Hustle App for Small Towns

  1. Hey, Ms. M. I love it. This is precisely the side-hustle I need to keep me occupied when we move to Montana. Looks like Korey and Holly did an awesome job. It’s amazing how much opportunity is out there when you open your eyes. As you said, this app will be a godsend for rural folks.

    • At least come visit Montana, I’m willing to start small. =) But I think the app will be really cool for early retires. Ones who don’t want another part time or even full time job, but still want to work a bit to contribute to the community and earn a little coin. Beings you can custom choose your days, hours, customers and the kind of work you do, it could be a perfect fit for lots of folks. Even if someone one loved pets and wanted to pick up and drop off dogs at the groomer one day a week. It would be an easy way to make some fun money. I had an former coworker who had her dogs groomed once a month. So every month she would leave to go pick up her dog and drop it off (45 min gone) then an hour later would have to do that again (another 45 min gone.) With the kind of work we did, it got under every ones skin. So there is totally a need. =)

    • We might. =) We are still planning out 2017, and trying to narrow down our focus a bit. There are always more great options than there is time. Or maybe that’s just when you have 5 little kids. 😉

  2. This app sounds very interesting. I wonder how much you can make from this side-hustle. It sounds a bit time intensive to me. If the delivery is on the way, then that would work out pretty well. Great idea.

    • Their drivers average $20-$30 a hour. I think the trick is to batch a few trips together. Like you pick up Costco for 5 people at a time, and charge $20 per delivery. Your delivery day could be every Friday. It would be a cool way for an early retiree, or someone looking for flexible part time work to bring in some extra cash.

    • I think if a person is smart and organized, they could create a great little side business. And the really cool thing unlike other apps, is that you actually own the business. So if you want to build a mini delivery empire, you can hire employees. =)

  3. The app looks very interesting, will surely add on must try list. In fact, it could be very much helpful for many people in the rural areas. And I guess the cost of delivery will not be much expensive by reading your article! There’s a high probability that at certain times or people will not be comfortable or might not fit with others. You should work on that first, then it would be a perfect and useful app.

  4. Ms. MMA, I totally loved this idea of “My Hometown Delivery” app. Being from a small town myself I can totally recognize the kinds of problems faced by them. I did not have such a wonderful app to help me out, but I am glad that a large number of people will be benefited by this. And every amazing action has some pros and cons. But I am sure this app will have a huge success rate. Thank you and all the best for the success of “My Hometown Delivery”.

    • I think it will be really helpful to a lot of folks, and provide a great source of income. Although, to clarify, I didn’t develop it. But great friends of mine did! Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hi Ms. Montana,

    When i was sitting at home after the college, i had nothing much to do because most of the creative things many people learn during their college period like Programming, Designing, Camping and etc were already completed during my school days. Then i started to to side hustle by posting my services online for less price and after few months of trying for months, i got my first project and i have looked back. I make money and pay for my college fee and more.

    Thank you for sharing the information with us.

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