Summer Reading Party: The Ultimate Cheapskates’s Road Map to True Riches

a practical (and fun) guide to enjoying life more by spending less

If a person was able to adopt uncles, I would adopt Jeff Yeager as mine. And I would be the perfect niece. Laughing at all his jokes, admiring his over the top frugality, and proudly displaying post cards from his latest bike trip on my fridge.

best personal finance reading list

I’m almost positive I’m richer for reading his books. Plus they are just fun.

His overall philosophy is one I fully embrace. Enjoy life more by spending less. And he is the perfect example of how it’s done. I relate to his story because he and his wife also never earned large salaries, but he was able to retire early (in his 40’s) with common sense, frugality, and modest living. Then went on to do fun, interesting and meaningful activities, (like writing a few books!).

Of all the books I picked, this one (or any of his) feel the most like reading a book from a fellow friend and traveler. He’s at times silly and personable like J$, witty and a bit course like Mr. Groovy, spurs us on toward a bigger more meaningful life like Amanda at Centsibly Rich, a little saucy like Miss Mazuma, and even headed and encouraging like Fritz at Retirement Manifesto. I think if we all meet up for a drink, we would have a heck of a time. Shoot, I’ll even buy.

I’ve read this book a dozen times, and it’s rock solid. Good advice through and though. Practical, down to Earth, encouraging us how to live modest and frugally, and really squeeze the most out of life.

Track it down at the library, spot one at a used bookstore, or even plop down the $7 to buy one new off Amazon. But get your hands on a copy. It will be a helpful, fun and enjoyable way to spend a few hours. (A word of warning to the very modest among us, it’s more a PG13 book than PG.)

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4 thoughts on “Summer Reading Party: The Ultimate Cheapskates’s Road Map to True Riches

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m always looking for new books to read that provide a different perspective. Thanks for sharing!

    • Make sure to check out the full list, but this one is a great start. You will totally be encouraged to LIVE more and SPEND less in a fun and entertaining way. I find myself half laughing at his crazy schemes and half going, “Ok, I can do better!”

  2. I enjoyed ‘How to Retire the Cheapskate Way’ even more! A bit more up to date, his writing style had matured nicely and I really enjoyed the stories of other Cheapskates scattered in and amongst his gems of inspiration and (good) advice. I agree, I think he’d be a fun uncle!