Become Your Best Boss Ever

When we jumped into this latest mini-retirement, I bought myself a new mug. Partly because I’m obsessed with mugs. But I also knew I would need a reminder. Something to keep me on track and focused. My goal was simple: Become my own Best Boss Ever. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked at lot […]

Mini-Retirements Mastered: Shoestring International Travel

I’m excited to share the next Mini-Retirement Mastered story! Kyle and Lauren have lived in abroad in Australia for over two years and are about to embark on a six month mini-retirement to see even more of the world. Plus they are the first story I’m sharing of a mini-retirement with out kids! Kyle has […]

7 Pillars to Grow Financial Freedom

Financial independence is often a line in the sand. It’s says “I never have to work for income again.”  Financial freedom is a different kind of thing. Financial freedom means you have a few more choices than you had before. It’s incremental. It starts small and every year we can try to grow it. There […]

Hardwired for Lifestyle Inflation and How to Beat it!

We are hardwired for lifestyle inflation. I’m no scientist but I believe it’s in our DNA. For centuries it helped us survive. It’s easy to blame marketing, comparison and peer pressure, which are factors. But it’s something more. No marketing needed. No Jones’es comparison needed. With almost no prior marketing, peer pressure or deep knowledge of […]

Saving a 100,000 by 24

Saving that first $100,000 is a bear! It took hustle, grit, hard choices, fighting against the tide, and vision. We tracked every penny, and reviewed our budget every week. We were just starting out and the first $100k felt like a long battle. By contrast, I’m almost embarrassed by how easy this last $100,000 has […]