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Gain clarity on what you want your life to look like, and the plan to get there becomes clear.

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Create income that gives you the freedom to custom build your life

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Find ways to reduce your expense while enjoying life

Intentional Living

Follow your own path to chase down the life that matches your values, passion and purpose!

About Me

I started my financial journey at 19 with $55,000 of debt. Adam and I didn’t have high earning jobs, but we still had big dreams. We wanted to travel the world, adopt kids, and have financial freedom.

It took over a decade but we paid off our debt, paid cash for our home, adopted 4 kids (and had 2 biological kids), bought rentals, traveled to 27 countries and lived abroad.

At 32, I became financially independent and we left our full-time jobs. We live in Kalispell Montana, near Glacier National Park with our 5 kids and our dog named Cheesy Taco.

Best Money Resources

On Trajectory

Financial planning made easy. On Trajectory makes the complex, easy. Retirement, rentals, mini-retirements, starting a business and FIRE in a few clicks.

Air BnB

Earn extra income to help fund your next big dream.


A really user-friendly expense tracking software. A perfect way to track your expenses. Having accurate information is critical to your plan, and Tiller makes it extremely simple.

Grow Your Passion Income

Launch Your Own Website

Everything you need to find your writing voice, understand your avatar and create compelling content.

Money Coach School

Opening in September!

Love personal finance and want to help people master their money? Get trained and certified to be an On Trajectory money coach.

Blogger U

Everything you need to start freelancing or build a profitable website. Plus an amazing community and fresh content each month.

Are You Ready for a Change? Perfect! I Mentor People Through Big Transitions.

What does a mentor do? I look at your big, long-term goals and dreams. We confront the challenges that have held you back and find solutions. I examine all the details of your current situation. Then we work together to plot out a plan, breaking big goals into small actionable steps and habits.

Each month we review progress and find the right next steps… so you stay on track. Small victories lead to bigger goals. And the bigger goals pave the path towards the life that fits your passions and purpose.

It’s hard work. But you don’t have to go it alone. With an experienced guide, you can change your trajectory and custom build your life.

Ever Considered a Mini-Retirement?

A mini-retirement is where you step away from the 9-5 for a month or longer to pursue something meaningful to you.

We have taken 5 mini-retirements in the last 15 years. From a month to 2.5 years.

Mini-Retirement Mastered gives you all the tools you need: clear vision, financial planning, healthcare, negotiating time off or setting yourself up to find another job when you are done.

Mini-Retirements are a perfect for:

  • Once in a life time experiences
  • Starting your own business
  • Amazing trips
  • Write a book, build a house, adopt
  • Rest and rejuvenation

This course will begin again in the Fall. 

Mini-Retirement Mastered

Class of 2017

“I have already mentioned this course to so many of my friends who are reaching the point I did a few years back in which we stop, take a look around, and say really? I didn’t sign up for this…what else can I do while I’m still young enough to do it.


And those are the people I think it would help. We need to realize that we don’t have to stick with the same plan and we are allowed to change course.


The mental shift from doggedly pursuing a large FI number at the cost of trading our overall happiness has been the biggest transformation.

This shift in mindset is exciting and so calming at the same time, almost an overwhelming sense of freedom and satisfaction knowing that yes, I do have control over my life.”


“The course does an amazing job of helping you see what your ideal life looks like, as well as realize flexibility you weren’t even aware you had. I think we all tend to think we are stuck with the 9-5, but when you really look at it, you begin to see there are many, many options.

Mostly, the course helps you open your eyes to the possibilities and make a solid plan to move in the direction you want your life to go.”


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