The Trouble with Investment Advisors

I get asked a lot about hiring an investment manager. These companies are extremely common, often well respected and seem like a great deal. On the surface, they appear to be experts in their field who will manage your retirement accounts for a small fee or seemingly no fee at all. While I’m not 100% against […]

The Hits

2017 is wrapping up! This is my favorite time of year. I’m starting to write things down with Sharpie into my new paper planner. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I have piles of paper and pencil. But now I break out the Sharpies! If you want a little inspiration for your 2018 planning, I’m giving away […]

Talking about FIRE

I’m so excited to share this podcast interview with you all! I got to chat with the ladies, Gwen and J, on the FIRE Drill podcast. It was such a great time! We talked about how Adam and I have designed our life, buying and renovating properties, travel, and the confusion behind early retirements. Plus […]

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September Expenses and Unexpected Insights

early retirement budget with big family

  Every once in a while, everything falls into place! It’s been almost 2 years since we walked away from the 9-5 jobs. September was a long-awaited “Ah-ha!” moment for me. Two big things happened for me in September. I worked. And I rested. And it was AMAZING! Ok, let me unpack that a bit […]

Start Your Budget at Zero

Have you ever seen a news article shared or story featured where a family was able to keep their expenses low, like really low… surprisingly low? And then you read the comments. It’s funny for me to read people’s reactions. They generally look something like this. “I would hate to live that way.” “That sound […]