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Every year I put together Christmas baskets for my family. I add all the locally made items I love the most from Montana. Good coffee. Huckleberry hot fudge that I pour over almost everything (apples, ice cream, pop corn, in hot coco and lattes, pears, pancakes. It’s a long list!) Huckleberry jam that I also is add to a crazy amount of things like BBQ sauce, homemade ice cream and marinade or on toast, waffles, pj sandwiches, to name a few.

But then I thought…. what if I send a box to one of my awesome email subscribers?!?

I mentioned in my 6 months in blogging recap, but I want to make my email list a GREAT group to be a part of . Some folks will stop by this site, but perhaps never come back. We are SO happy you checked this space out, if that is you! Welcome, if only for a minute. =)

But then other people say, “I like it here. I want to make sure I come back!” And they sign up for my weekly emails. So for those people who have doubled down, I have a free pdf. I have a guest post option. And now a Christmas drawing of my favorite things!

So if you have stopped by here a few times, but were on the fence, now is the time to jump in!

No spam, no junk mail, no excessive email. Just one little letter from me every Monday!

I will draw one email on December 10 and email you! So if you are already on my list…. make sure you open that email! And if you aren’t on it yet, now is the time. We would love to have you.

ps. To all my international readers, I am SO sorry I can’t mail these goodies to you. They are crazy heavy. The shipping cost would be nuts. But if your name is drawn, I will still mail you a Montana post card!

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway!

    • I don’t know if anyone in my family (adults) really want more “stuff”, so this makes it easy. Plus that huckleberry hot fudge is amazing and you can’t find it anywhere else. My grandma usually hits me up mid year when she runs out. =)

  1. I don’t know if you are aware, but they have that very jam at costco now! I bought it because I lurk around here from time to time and had seen you raving about it. So there is that info… do with it what you will. You should look to get sponsored by them! What I really would love to try is the chocolate sauce though! Oh man. Love huckleberry (and your blog :).

    • Hey Cassandra, thanks for being lurker. 😉 And I totally buy mine at Costco. They started selling it here a few years ago, and it’s much cheaper than the gift shops. They always have a couple local offerings. And then they started selling the caramel and fudge! That company is a local legend! But the jars are generally small and expensive. But at Costco the jar is huge and very reasonably priced. I’m glad you scored some. Maybe you can ask your local store to start carrying the fudge! And I would love a huckleberry fudge sponsor. =) Maybe the state of Montana would like to buy an ad. 😉 They must have a tourism budget, right?