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Growing Financial Freedom

Financial freedom grows along a spectrum and financial independence is one point in the journey. I like to focus on growing financial freedom. Because it’s something we can all do. At each step in the journey. You pay off some debt, your financial freedom grows. You...

Holidays You Want to Have

Holidays can be the most joyful time….and the most stressful. I think we all would like to lean towards more joy and less stress. I’ve always had holiday anxiety. Ever since I was a kid. My mom did everything right to create a perfect holiday experience and I sat in...

The Mini-Retirement is Over

My passion for ice cream is no secret. There’s a local place I adore. Often I get a single scoop in a waffle cone. But sometimes I feel like there has been a large shortage of ice cream in my life and I will order a double. And it’s delicious. While I enjoy every...