Disclosure Info

I am not a professional in any financial way. Taxes, investing, real estate, CPA, or financial planner. None of it. I wish I were, but I truly am not. If you want professional advice, seek out someone who has been accredited or certified in some way. I have not.

I tell stories. That’s about it. My own stories. Stories I have seen lived out. I muse on occasion. About life in Montana, how I see the world working, a life fully lived, or really whatever strikes my fancy. Take it for what it is worth. But not as professional advice. It’s not.

I hope you like my stories. I hope they encourage and inspire you to live life in a way where you have more freedom and adventure. However that looks for you.

If I endorse something, it’s because I use it and like it. You might like it too and I try to make that service or product easy for you to find. If the book or product is something you want to buy, it would be awesome if you used the provided link. It will throw a few coins my way. I will try to steward that money to the best of my ability. But I am not here to be a sales person. I worked in commissioned sales, and have no desire to build another job for myself. I want to tell stories that inspire and start conversation: not to become a peddler of affiliate programs.


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