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Fall, school and cooler weather are in full swing here! Every quarter I take a full week to read, think, plan and do my quarterly review. Of all my habits, I would have to say this one moves the needle for me the most! Plus my friends from Freedom is Groovy are in Montana this week! It’s been the perfect excuse to take some hikes and enjoy the Flathead Valley.

Grand Tetons and the kids run wild

I wanted to share 2 guests posts I have recently written for other sites!

First I wrote a really special piece for Financial Samurai!

Adopting from Foster Care: Clarifying the Misconceptions to Building a Loving Home

I don’t write about adoption much on my site, and I was so excited to get to share a full post about it! There are currently over 100,000 kids in the US just waiting for a family. We have adopted 4, but hopefully, posts like this can help a few other kids find their forever family.

I also wrote a piece for Millennial Money: How to Negotiate a Mini-Retirement

In this one, I dive into exactly what you need to do to negotiate a month off from your current employer. This is something that Adam and I have done twice. I’m just finishing up the Beta version of my Mini-Retirements Mastered course. And it’s been awesome! I am so excited to get this all polished up and ready for you all. Plus just share some of the really cool stories and testimonials that are coming from the group. Make sure you join my email list to stay updated on the enrollment date!

I hope you all enjoy those! And whatever your 2017 goals were back in January, I hope you find some time to refocus, regroup and hit every single one!

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