January Expenses and Finding Your Ideal Year

January was a perfect example of our seasonal life. Maybe it’s from growing up in wheat and cattle country, but I’ve never cared for each month to feel exactly like the last month. I love the ebb and flow of the seasons. I love to work on certain projects in certain months and then switch […]

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The Trouble with Investment Advisors

I get asked a lot about hiring an investment manager. These companies are extremely common, often well respected and seem like a great deal. On the surface, they appear to be experts in their field who will manage your retirement accounts for a small fee or seemingly no fee at all. While I’m not 100% against […]

Show Up and Lean In

It’s easy to drift through life. Feeling blown about. Not really planting ourselves in the things that matter most to us, but letting people, life, and circumstances push us where they will. Funny thing is, it’s always easier to spot the drift in others. In their marriage, health, hobbies or kids. It’s kind of hard […]

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The Hits

2017 is wrapping up! This is my favorite time of year. I’m starting to write things down with Sharpie into my new paper planner. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I have piles of paper and pencil. But now I break out the Sharpies! If you want a little inspiration for your 2018 planning, I’m giving away […]

It’s Time to Quit

What are you planning for 2018? Any potential resolutions floating around in your head? Any new goals you want to tackle? Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I plan out my next year. I look at my mentoring questions, my 2017 goals, review all the things I’ve learned and ways I’ve grown. Then I look out […]

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Talking about FIRE

I’m so excited to share this podcast interview with you all! I got to chat with the ladies, Gwen and J, on the FIRE Drill podcast. It was such a great time! We talked about how Adam and I have designed our life, buying and renovating properties, travel, and the confusion behind early retirements. Plus […]

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The Story of Two Bears

and small acts of kindness

Once you know something, it’s hard to unknow it. After 13 years in the foster/adoptive community, I know that Christmas is a difficult time. It’s the time of year when many kids are removed for the first time from their birth parents. It’s a challenging time for birth families who are barely holding things together. Extra […]

Christmas gift donation ideas for CASA