SEO and Content Marketing

Why SEO and Content Marketing Matter?

  • It drives organic traffic to your site
  • Increases positioning of Google rankings
  • Increases the types of keywords that bring traffic to your site

You might be the very best choice for a person searching. You have the best product, the most amazing service, or life changing programs. And Google has buried you.

Google can’t see the impact you have for clients, your quality of product or how large the impact of your program. All Google sees are technical errors on your site. Images too large, broken links, ill fitting meta descriptions, no schema, and missing long tail keywords. It won’t matter how many ad dollars you spend trying to create demand for your product or service, someone else will steal it away because your website is buried.

That’s why SEO and Content Marketing matter.

You website is your digital location.  81% of all purchases start with an online search. 94% of B2B buyers search online! If you site has poor SEO and is lacking SEO rich content, no one can find you. You online space might be even more important than your physical location.

70% of all business is done with the first 3 Google search results. 95% of people never click through to the second page of search results. Imagine if your physical location was that hard to find. What would happen if 95% of people looking for your location never could find it?

SEO and Content Marketing can change that!

Let your competitors waste their money creating demand and raising awareness.

Use your dollars to capture all those warm leads.

People are already searching for exactly what you offer. We can audit and start correcting your website so it’s fully Search Engine Optimized. We will do the long tail keyword research and edit your alt tag, meta descriptions, page names and website content. We will create a plan to help you create new fresh content.

Content is king! One thing Google has made very clear, it wants to see fresh, relevant content on sites. And it will rank those sites higher over static sites. We can create a content marketing plan so you can create content for your site (on a company blog) that will attract more organic searches from more long tail keyword options.

I’ve seen the small fish in big ponds jump over much larger competitors in their Google search ranking just because they were SEO smart. And I’ve seen large, amazing organizations get buried.

For example: Let’s say you are a local photographer.

How many organic search results are you getting each day? How many of those don’t include your business name?

If you search (your area + photographer) does your site come up? On the first page?

What if you search (your area + photographer + wedding)? Now are you in the top 3?

By doing a technical SEO audit, we can find out how to help your website rank better in the search results. This drives more organic traffic to your site (because, really, the best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of a Google search!)

Combine that with keyword research and a content marketing plan and we can increase organic traffic from Google searches using many different keywords.

What we offer

Technical SEO audits: Without a site optimized for search engines, your amazing content might not be ranked high enough with Google to ever be found. This audit will show you all the areas your site needs to be repaired.

Content Marketing Plan:

You have two kinds of content that produces Google search results.

  1. Website Content: page titles, headings, and bodies of text plus text the user doesn’t see like alt text added to images.
  2. Extra content you create: an organization blog or newsletter on your site (if it’s not on your website, it adds ZERO SEO value to get you search results!)

In your Content Marketing Plan, we research keywords for traffic competition and opportunity. We will create a plan to produce content that will match up with what people are searching. This new content will help capture all those warm leads searching your exact services or product.

How else will Google know that you are the perfect fit for your customer/clients search, unless you have content that reflects this?

Google is basically a match maker. And we are the ones who can help you fill out your profile.

We show you how to fix your site.

We create a plan for content that drives traffic.

Is SEO and Content Marketing right for you?

We work primarily with small business (based in local markets), non-profits, and Churches. After any technical errors are corrected on your site, we can help you create a plan to capture a larger market of people searching for your product of service.

Small businesses in local markets: SEO and Content Marketing is highly effective for businesses that have competition in their local markets. Hair/nail salons, Realtors, Lawyers, Doctors, Photographers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Veterinarians, Mattress stores, etc. Any industry where you have direct competition for your product or service in your local area.

Higher Google rankings not only drives more traffic, but provides credibility. We naturally trust that Google will offer the best options first. But in reality, Google is only able to find the best match, not most qualified. You might be the best family lawyer in your area, but Google only judges the technical optimization of your site and the match of your content. Google doesn’t know how much you can help potential clients. It doesn’t know how large your firm is or the kind of results you can produce.

We can help fix that.

With an SEO friendly site, the right keywords in your website content, and a content marketing plan, you can increase revenue with a better Google ranking from more keyword searches. Warm leads finding you is just the first step. We help create content that converts into profit!

Non Profit Organizations: You have unique challenges and opportunities. Your website might be trying to attract the people you help, volunteers and donors. We customize your content to help the people find your site that you most need to find it. Your Google search ranking will help establish you as the leader in your area of service. Better SEO will help your organization get found.

A compelling content marketing plan can attract new donors, volunteers or clients as it draws in more organic traffic and is shareable on social media. We can help convert all the content already being created into SEO friendly blog posts.

Churches: Churches have an amazing opportunity to better connect with the people they are seeking to serve. Churches are already producing an enormous amount of great content. Now we just need to add that to your website in a way that adds SEO value.

The quality of your programs might not be reflected in a Google search. Even large, thriving, dynamic Churches get buried on the 2nd or 3rd pages of Google searches due to very poor SEO.

We can help you reach the people who most need your message, in the places they are already searching. If they are actively looking for a new Church, or a certain kind of program. We can add SEO value to your content to help connect their Google searches with your website.

We have spent the last 15 years in Churches and Non-Profit work. Being fully immersed in that culture, we have a unique insight on how to combine SEO and Content Marketing for these organizations.


Obviously each client and website is unique so it’s best to contact us directly with your name, website, and questions by filling out the form below.

For a ball park idea of pricing:

SEO audits

A small website audit starts at $650. It varies depending on the number of unique URL’s on your site. This audit will outline a plan for all opportunities to improve the SEO on your site.

On Word Press hosted sites, we can help fix most of the errors on your site. For other platforms, we will have a workbook outlining your website opportunities you can pass on to your web designer. We try to spread the work over 3 months, or as your budget allows.

Content Marketing Plan

Website content edits start at $450

SEO maintenance, and plans to expand your search results with a content marketing plan offered by monthly retainer.

We do offer a discount for a bundling the SEO audit and website content edits. For small websites it will start at $999 for the initial audit and content edits.

Freelance Writing:

 If your company/organization would like fresh, relevant content for your company blog, I offer blog post bundles.

 Adding a blog to your website has many advantages

  • Keeps your message in front of potential customers
  • Provides fresh content to share on social media
  • Adds value to your customers
  • Helps create referrals by making your message easy to share
  • Improves your websites SEO
  • Increases your organic search traffic

Basic Blog Post Bundle $325

5 blog post approximately 500 words long

Lite formatting (bullet points, numbered, some highlighting)

Keyword research included

You can pick the topics or we can chat and brainstorm topics that will appeal to your market and attract organic search results. 500 words is a great starting point for new company blogs, and we can vary the word count from there. Please contact to see if we could be a good fit, and request a sample.

We would love to chat with you and see if we could help grow your business or organization this year! Unlike other forms of advertising or building improvements, we will be able to show you exactly what kind of results you are getting.

  • Number of organic search increases
  • Number of long tail keywords that are bringing people to your website
  • Your page rankings via different key word searches
  • And most important, markers for conversion!

How often are people taking your calls to action, getting a quote, finding your phone number and address, downloading an offer, etc. Unlike other forms of marketing, we aren’t throwing your message out there to a cold audience. Instead we are targeting the warm leads already searching for your service or product, and converting.

No digital marketing company can promise first page results or top 3 positioning, but almost every site has room for improvement. Most sites start seeing improvements in 4-6 months and continued improvement after that.

Let’s chat to see if we would be a good fit for your company or organization.

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