Summer Reading Party: Broke Millennial

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This was the only book in our Summer Reading Party, I hadn’t read before I plopped it on the list. I was a little nervous. Erin Lowry, the author, runs a great blog. She is funny, witty and has a clever way of taking money topics from stressful to entertaining: dare I say interesting and fun? Well, my nervousness didn’t last long. I read the first chapter, set the book down and ordered a copy for my little sister!

Hidden behind short personal examples, witty banter and cultural references is a rock solid system to organize and master all areas of personal finance. The sheer amount of step-by-step practical, absolute necessary information amazed me.

With humor and an easy writing style, Lowry tackles every financial topic that we have to learn how to navigate. I ought to order a small stack and just pass them out to everyone who needs a top to bottom advice to master all areas of their finances.

Of all the books in our summer reading party, this is the only one that will cover every area of personal finance in detail.

Broke Millennial is the book I wish I could have read 15 years ago. Tailored to the exact needs of our generation, it would have saved me years of struggling to figure this stuff out on my own. Now if only Erin could jump ahead of me another 15 years and write her next book!

This book is a full financial education. Order 10 copies and give them away. Best $100 donation you could make for the Millennials in your life.



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8 thoughts on “Summer Reading Party: Broke Millennial

  1. LOVED this book! Erin has a great approach to communicating difficult topics in a fun and easy to read way!

    • I was amazed how many complicated and challenging topics she took on. From the social/relational to banking, fees, and hiring an investor. Crazy! There were times when I forgot that we were dealing with generally boring and challenging topics. I wish she would have taught this as a high school class. =) She would have been my favorite teacher.

  2. Never even heard of this book but it’s going on our wishlist. I love good books with step by step instructions. We’ve read a lot of finance and lifestyle books over the past few years but you can’t ever think you’ve learned everything about a subject.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Even in books, I’ve already read a few times, there is always something I need to hear again, at that moment. Or some kind of encouragement, or something I knew but need to refocus on.

  3. This really is a fantastic book! It hits on all the right things a young person needs to know, or someone that just hasn’t really paid attention to their finances.

    • I love that the book really dives into every technical element, all the basics plus a lot of things we just don’t generally get advice on how to navigate, like spitting a check. Until you have kids, I would say this is 95% of everything you need to figure out.

  4. Erin is pretty amazing. I’ve been meaning to read her book. Perhaps I’ll buy it this week. I got a long flight in the not too distant future and I’m going to need plenty of reading material. Thanks for the reminder and the review. Hopefully your sister will heed Erin’s wisdom.

    • Awesome! I actually already mailed another book your way, so you at least have that option. =) My lil sis is 25 and right in the throes of learning to navigate ALL this stuff. I can’t think of a better book! =)